Annual Report - 2013

September 8, 2014
Cover - Clean Water Action Clean Water Fund Annual Report 2013-2014

With support from members like you, we’ve made some amazing progress in 2013 and 2014 in protecting our water and our health from pollution. And with your continued support and involvement, even more is yet to come. Clean Water Action and Clean Water Fund helped lead the fight to stop toxic dumping by power plants into our rivers and streams in 2013. Before we launched that campaign, most people didn’t realize that power plants are the #1 source of toxic water pollution, often discharging unlimited amounts mercury, arsenic, lead and other chemicals into our water. By the end of the year, hundreds of thousands of people had demanded action, encouraging the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to adopt a strong rule to stop toxic pollution from power plants.

We’ve also been helping lead the fight to prevent coal ash spills, like the one that devastated the Dan River in North Carolina and Virginia earlier this year. 39,000 tons of toxic coal ash spilled into the River, which provides drinking water for communities downstream. Arsenic, selenium and cadmium are among the nasty chemicals that poured into the river. But the Dan isn’t the only river at risk. Nearly a thousand coal ash dumps litter the countryside — ticking toxic time-bombs waiting to go off and devastate local water supplies.

This annual report gives highlights on these two issues, plus dozens of other water protection campaigns. Whether it’s leading the fight to stop pollution from fracking in California and Pennsylvania — campaigning to get toxic chemicals out of household products in Minnesota, Connecticut and Massachusetts — promoting recycling and reuse instead of incineration in Maryland, New Jersey and Rhode Island — promoting water conservation to address droughts in Texas and California — or just fighting to protect special places like the Everglades, Chesapeake Bay or Great Lakes — your support has helped us make sure that our water and your health are protected.

Thank you for all that you do for clean water. Your generous financial support and activism make our victories happen. If you haven’t done so yet, consider leaving a legacy of clean water by including Clean Water Action and Clean Water Fund in your will (see p. 16). I’ve done it and I hope you’ll join me.

Together we can make even more progress for clean water in the years to come!

For clean water,

Bob Wendelgass, President and CEO

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